i Phone Tips And Tricks - Louder Speaker Volume

I think I’ve found a way to get the loudest speaker volume on an iPhone or have stupidly messed up my tiny speaker on my iPhone. But the honest true, it works NICE & CLEAR…
I was playing around with trying to get my iPhone speaker volume louder and my ringtones, but I wasn’t happy with the different changes on my "SystemSoundMaximunVolume.plist" so, I grabbed a needle and sticked it into every single tiny hold on the bottom left corner of the iPhone. I think it was dirty in there or something because now this is EXACTLY how I wanted it since day one… LOUD!!! I really hope I didn’t mess up the speaker though.
Has anyone done this? Maybe my speaker was dirty and it’s now cleaned up? or I have sticked the needle into the speaker without messing it up and it made some air ways and made it louder? Whatever it is, I now love the speaker phone.

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