In The Hospital

Four people will be the baby's birth father is waiting for their break room of a hospital. Anxiety clear indication on their faces ...

A nurse came out of the operating room said the first man, "Congratulations! sir's wife gave birth to twins safe. "
"Double double! Coincidently, I worked at the iconic Petronas Twin Towers, "said the first man.

A few minutes later, another nurse came to tell the second man, "Her Excellency safely give birth to triplets. Congratulations!
"What? Triplets! I work with 3D Corporation, said the second man.

Half an hour later, a nurse tells the third man, "Congratulations!Wife of Mr. secure. Lord blessed the four twins "the nurse said quietly.
"Twin four! I really do not suspect this incident, I was working at the Four Season Hotel, "said the third man to be happy.

The four men began paced anxiety. The three men had surprised to see the fourth man. They ask,
"What worries you?"
With a whirl he replied "I work at Seven Eleven."

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