Loving the speed, but want to do it safely? Go for a 2-stroke GoKart at Speedway PLUS Circuit for RM120.

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Unleash the aspiring racer in you!

MAD Deal of the day: RM120 instead of RM240 for 30 minutes of Go-karting at Speedway PLUS Circuit, Subang Jaya [50% off]

Feeling a little bored with just boasting about how well you can drive? Or do sim games on consoles fail to excite you anymore?

Round a few friends up and grab a lungful of tyre smoke and petrol fumes at Speedway PLUS Circuit. An elegant circuit featuring high speed corners to chicanes designed to separate real drivers from the beginners.

The 100cc 2-stroke karts are not your average run-of-the-mill karts, but are designed to bring you from the start to finish as quickly as possible, and do they corner like they are on rails.

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